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The major complain at hot summer from most home owner is that air conditioner
(AC) not working or cooling up to upstairs of the home as it is down stairs. Since
heating rises and cooling fall HVAC Mechanical Systems has the following tips to
help our customer, suffering in summer heat in the upstairs bedroom,  make the
most of the air conditioning by following these steps.

1. Thermostat location at home is very important, generally thermostat should be
located at a central zone of the home, located away from sun light, not in kitchen, not
under lamp, not even at bedroom.

2. Open upstairs registers and close downstairs registers. Opening upstairs cold air
supply registers fully and all but closing downstairs air supply registers helps direct
the cold air upstairs. Be careful not to fully close all downstairs air supply registers.
Enough air must go through the air conditioner in order to work efficiently.

3. Close shades and drapes. Heat gets into the house from sunlight through the
windows. Pulling down shades and drawing drapes helps block the sunlight. Light
color opaque drapes and shades work best.

4. Make sure soffit vents are working and not blocked. A hot attic makes for a hot
upstairs. Add a ridge vent or power vents if needed to bring down the attic

5. Replace furnace filters. Blocked filters prevent cold air circulation. Replace filters at
least every three months.

6. Move furniture from registers. Rearrange furniture so that air supply registers are
fully uncovered. Also remove blockages from air returns in all rooms. This ensures
that good air circulation occurs in the upper floor.

7. Use floor fans. Floor or ceiling fans help circulate air in a room. This helps prevent
the cold air from settling near the floor of the upstairs rooms.

8 Get a pressure check. The air conditioner may leak small amounts of refrigerant
over time. A heating and cooling contractor can check and refill the air conditioner, if
needed, to maximize cooling.

9.  Request cooling start up, tune up and inspection on your air conditioner. Clean the
outdoor unit. Rinse the outside unit with a garden hose ( gently ) to remove dirt from
the coils. Remove leaves and debris from inside the fan area. The unit MUST be off to
do this.

10. Add duct fans. If the air conditioner is big enough to cool the whole house then air
circulation is most likely the trouble. Hot air rises and cold air sinks. By replacing the
register covers with register/fan units more cold air is forced out of the upstairs ducts.

11. Fix windows. Leaking windows and single pane glass let cold out and heat in
Summer Special Air
Conditioner or Gas
Furnace Cleaning and
Inspection $99
Did your air conditioner quit and stop working, we fixed all makes and
model of all air conditioning systems. .We are centrally located in
Toronto serving Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our license technician
take pride in providing prompt and  effective service when you need it
most, we offer same day service, low hourly rate or flat rate pricing, our
hourly rate is very competitive, but we also offer flat rate pricing which
will eliminate surprise. This avoids technician from misleading
customers in the total repairs cost.
some CUSTOMER COMMENTS. see more
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1. "The team was courteous and
efficient. I feel very confident the
installation was done exactly correct
with no short cuts taken. I will definitely
recommend your company to my
neighbors. ....Collins...Toronto

2. "The service technician was very
professional, gave me all of my options
(about repair or replace) and no high
pressure tactics were used. " .....Joy
Woodman    ........Thornhill
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